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Inspirational books and journaling tools for the girls

At Random Acts, we love to see the creative ways in which our supporters share kindness in communities around the world. That need for support is especially heightened during the holiday season, particularly after a natural disaster. Supporter Rayceana Rocha alerted us to a group of young women who needed a little extra help.

In the wake of the California wildfires earlier this year, a number of young women in juvenile detention were relocated to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Rayceana told us the girls were having trouble adjusting to the move, so she and her partner Jazmin gifted them with a number of inspiring books, like The Four Agreements and Becoming Mrs. Burton. Along with the books, Rayceana and Jazmin put together “swag bags” – small backpacks filled with notebooks, pens, and positive affirmation cards.

Supporters Rayceana and Jazmin

Supporters Rayceana and Jazmin

Rayceana and Jazmin spent the day with the girls, reading excerpts of the books with them, and talking about what kinds of changes they planned to make upon their release. The girls wrote out their plans in the notebooks, helping solidify those plans and turn them into something actionable and real. “We went around asking how they felt,” says Rayceana, “and they all felt so supported and cared about. The girls have improved so much thanks to Random Acts, for [before] they felt like no one cared about them.” We are so thankful for Rayceana and Jazmin for taking the time to support these girls as they make plans to change their lives for the better.

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