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Random Acts Communication Specialist Hope Fountain is passionate about making sure everyone has the chance to express themselves. For those who need an outlet outside traditional methods of expression, art can be a saving grace. As Hope says, “It can be deeply frustrating for people who have trouble expressing themselves, or have trouble being heard, but art communicates clearly in a way that people always seem willing to seek to understand.” For International Artist Day, Hope provided needed art supplies to an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for artists with disabilities. 

Creative Planning

Hope previously worked in compliance supporting programs for people with disabilities, including an art studio. That experience showed her the importance of creative expression and inspired her act. When planning her act, Hope researched local charities that aligned with her vision. She found Visionaries + Voices, which provides everything from exhibition space to supplies for over 125 disabled artists in Cincinnati, Ohio. The organization has a wish list of needed items. So, Hope enlisted her sister Shell to help purchase supplies and search for sales. 

Next, Hope used her savvy with coupons and discounts to get the most supplies possible! At one craft store, the cashier even cheered Hope on in her mission as she raced through the aisles for a few last-minute purchases. Hope also included Halloween-themed candy bags with the art supplies for some added joy after a suggestion from Shell. 

Finally, Hope dropped off her donations with the studio director at Visionaries + Voices. She also got to meet a few of the artists who would benefit from the new supplies. Hope described her emotions after completing her act of kindness: “Dropping off donations always makes me feel a little like Santa Claus. It’s such a great moment seeing the pleased expressions, surprised faces, or both like today. That’s a treat for me.”

Express Yourself

Image courtesy Unsplash

At Random Acts, we are glad to have the opportunity to fund acts like this one. Inspired by Hope’s act of kindness? There are lots of ways to get involved! Our Regional Representatives can help you with our application process for acts of kindness. They also are here to provide inspiration if you need help with ideas. If you want to volunteer directly with Random Acts, you can find our vacancies here