For most families, the holiday season is a time of cheer, happiness, and togetherness. Candles cast dancing shadows on the wall, and the delicious smell of food and the sound of music fills the air. But in reality, not every family has these luxuries. To spread some holiday kindness, Random Acts Act Proposal Officer Nichole David connected with the Linkages to Learning program to help make the Christmas of an 8-year-old girl in Maryland special.

A Holiday Tradition

To spread some kindness, Nichole connected with the Linkages to Learning program at Arcola Elementary school in Wheaton, Maryland.
During the year, Linkages to Learning identifies students who are likely to not receive any presents during the holiday season. Nichole liked the thought behind the program and was happy to help a student from her community.

Linkages to Learning

Linkages to Learning is a school-based collaboration among County Public Schools, the Department of Health and Human Services, and private sector health and human service agencies in Montgomery County, Maryland. The program helps at-risk children and their families through school-based services. These services include mental health, social services and case management, and educational support.

Finding the Right Doll

Through Linkages to Learning, Nichole was assigned an 8-year-old girl. There was only one item on her wish list: “American Girl doll (or another similar doll) and clothing/accessories for the doll.”
What makes the American Girl doll brand appealing to children is that they are portraying girls of a variety of ethnicities, social classes, and faiths. Most kids choose the doll that looks most like them.

To help Nichole find the best match, someone from Linkages to Learning looked through the dolls and picked #67. Nichole also ordered the base accessories that come with the doll, plus some additional off-brand clothes and accessories.

The Gift of Giving

Nichole was pleased to be able to gift a doll that the girl will be able to see herself reflected in. She also felt happy to know this young girl will have exactly what she had wished for!

The holiday season comes sooner than you think, so start planning your #RAHoldiayKindness act today! Head over to our Sponsored Acts page to apply for funding, or contact your Regional Representative for assistance.