It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Random Acts is celebrating in style! This holiday season, each staff member had $150 to put towards an #RAHolidayKindness act of their choice. Although we encourage spreading kindness all year long, the holiday season is an extra special time to focus on sharing our love, time, and resources with others. We had so much fun making holiday magic happen. It only makes sense to spread the cheer with a blog series telling you all about our staff holiday acts! Let’s see what the Random Acts elves have been up to…

One of the great things about kindness is the sense of community that it builds. When we are kind to those around us, it can help us form a special bond with our fellow humans, whether they live next door or around the world. Two of our Random Acts staff members decided to spend their #RAHolidayKindness budgets on spreading holiday cheer in their communities.

Fun and Games

Dave and Rowan with some of the donated games.

Dave and Rowan with some of the donated games.

Canada West Regional Representative Rowan Meredith doubled her kindness impact by supporting a local game store and a nonprofit that provides services for Aboriginal families. Spirit of the Children Society, located in British Columbia, supports the Aboriginal community by offering several programs. These include early childhood development programs, family development programs, housing support programs, and youth programs.

Rowan wanted to spread some holiday cheer to the youth who frequent the society. She bought many board games, which can be used as part of the youth services programs and as a way to entertain children in waiting areas while their parents are using different services. The games are sure to bring lots of fun and smiles to the Spirit of the Children Society.

Rowan delivering games to Spirit of the Children Society

Rowan delivering games to Spirit of the Children Society.

But wait… there’s more! Rowan bought all of the games from Dave’s Pop Culture, a local small business. When Dave heard about Rowan’s plan, he jumped right in to help out. Dave donated several more games for Rowan to take to the Spirit of the Children Society, and even recruited community members to donate games, too! He is also getting in touch with the society to set up a time to volunteer there, teaching the kids how to play some of the games. This kindness and generosity made an awesome #RAHolidayKindness act even better. Way to go, Dave! 

Community Christmas Celebration

The Big Christmas Get Together

“The Big Christmas Get Together”

Acts Manager Laura Hales also decided to focus on giving back to her community this holiday season. Every year, her community hosts “The Big Christmas Get Together.” This lunch is open to anybody who would like some company on Christmas Day. The Big Christmas Get Together has been going on for over six years now and averages about 120 guests each year. Everyone works together to support the lunch, with people donating food, drinks, and presents. Laura used her #RAHolidayKindness budget to buy practical things that were still needed for the lunch, like trash bags, aluminum foil and cling wrap, gravy, take away containers (so that meals could be delivered to people at home, too), cheese biscuits, tea, coffee, milk, cream, soft drinks, and more. It certainly looks like everyone had a blast at The Big Christmas Get Together!

Do you have an idea for how you’d like to support your community? Random Acts may be able to help fund your act of kindness.