The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed certain aspects of our lives, including the way many of us celebrated the winter holidays. This has been a tough year, and sometimes the best gift we can give is a helping hand and a heaping bag of food. For this installment of #RAHolidayKindness, two Random Acts staff members reached out during the holiday season to feed those in need.

Feeding a Friend

A small bouquet of red and white flowers sitting next to a bunch of bananas

Brittney’s gift of holiday joy

Random Acts Project Coordinator Brittney Sheffield wanted to make the holidays a little brighter for a friend who had been recently laid off from her job in events. After hearing the advice to “Just ask how you can help,” Brittney asked on Facebook if anyone in her circle needed anything. When her friend reached out asking for help buying groceries, Brittney leapt into action. Using funds provided by our generous donors, she purchased shelf-stable items as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered to her friend. She also sent flowers “for a little holiday joy.” Brittney explains, “Because of the pandemic, there are very few events jobs open and finding employment is tough. I was also laid off and was in the same situation in the same industry for several months before finding a job.” Her friend was thrilled to receive the grocery items, and Brittney was more than happy to help.

Food for the Elderly

A woman in a mask stands in front of a car trunk full of food

Jessica poses in front of her haul!

Random Acts Writing Manager Jessica Burbridge knew that the elderly have been particularly vulnerable during the pandemic. She says that “knowing that the elderly can be at an increased risk made it important to me to help provide them the groceries they might not be able to get otherwise.” After finding a local group that provides supplemental groceries to seniors in her area, she set out to buy as many of their most needed items as possible. Thanks to our amazing donors, Jessica was able to purchase enough food to fill two grocery carts! Jessica explains how delighted she was while shopping, observing that “seeing so many items in the carts made my heart fill up with excitement at being able to give all of this to others.” She delivered the groceries to the local group’s warehouse, satisfied in the knowledge that her donations would feed elders in need.

Do you know someone in need of a little extra support? Let us know! You can apply for funding on our Sponsored Acts page. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to a Regional Representative in your area. They can help you plan your act of kindness!