Online communities operate similarly to physical neighborhoods. Twenty-five-word captions act as customary doormats, and doorbells are rung through follow buttons. Neighboring users come together through a sparked interest. Or, in this case, the unified goal of kindness. Random Acts Human Resources Recruiter Vibha Gupta took a prolonged visit at one virtual Facebook group to help a mother of two children, Deepa.

Virtual Wishlist

Deepa, like so many others, was struggling because of a tough financial situation amid the 2020 holiday season. “I was overwhelmed to see that all the neighbors and community members were all out in helping Deepa and her kids and decided that I would like to support her through Random Acts,” Vibha commented.

Deepa shared an already curated list of must-have items with Vibha. Upon first glance, a grocery basket would pick up various supplies. However, one item could not be found among the cans of soup. It was a laptop necessary for the daughter’s studies. After receiving the items, Deepa was deeply grateful. “I had mixed emotions; seeing a family go through such tough times is heart-wrenching; however, I am glad I was able to support them and buy them a few things that could help them for some time,” Vibha said.

A Click-Worthy Idea?

Random Acts sponsors acts of kindness year round. Perhaps, you would like to virtually hover over to our friendly Random Acts Regional Representatives. They can help you gift wrap your own act.