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Losing an emotional support animal is devastating. It is hard to know how to help a friend going through this experience. Random Acts staff member Bea knew she had to do something to show her support for a longtime Random Acts supporter who recently lost her dog. Bea first connected with Kati and her emotional support animal Ellie at a “Supernatural” convention in Paris. When Bea heard that Ellie had passed away, she knew she had to do something for Kati during this sad time.

Remembering a Friend

A keychain and condolence card for the loss of an emotional support animal.

Bea wanted to find a gift that would be meaningful to Kati. So, she started by looking for small businesses that could ship between her country of Germany and the United Kingdom, particularly with COVID-19 related restrictions on shipping. Remembering that Kati had referred to Ellie as “crossing the rainbow bridge,” Bea ordered a rainbow bouquet of flowers. She also found a keychain with a pawprint and an angel wing and had it engraved with Ellie’s initials.

Sharing Love

A rainbow bouquet for the loss of an emotional support animal.

Both the flowers and the keychain arrived on the same day, along with a card giving condolences. Kati expressed her appreciation for the gesture to Bea, telling her that she loved that Bea and Random Acts thought of her. It was a bittersweet moment for Bea, who says, “I felt sad because Kati did just lose Ellie who was such a sweet dog, but happy I was able to give her something she could remember her with, as well as a sign that people are thinking of her and Ellie.” While it may not be easy to know what to say after someone suffers a loss, showing someone kindness through action is always appreciated.

Spreading Kindness

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