Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Last fall, our friends at Stands — led by Random Acts board member Michelle Henning — announced a very special musical collaboration between Justin Guarini and Jason Manns. They got together to record their take on the stellar Sam Cooke song, “A Change Is Gonna Come”. As both singers are also supporters of Random Acts, they generously offered to donate 100% of the proceeds to help fund operating costs of the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti*.

Music with a Message

Justin and Jason had been circling around one another in the music business for a few years, and had wanted to work together for a while. When the opportunity presented itself, Jason mentioned “Change” as something he’d been playing with a bit already, and was interested in hearing Justin sing it. They then made plans to record together in Pittsburgh while they were in the area for a convention. Justin mentioned how important it was for both of them that they make the time to record the song together to play off each other’s energy and give the recording a good, organic vibe.

Jason and Justin chose this particular song not only for the music itself but also because of how much the lyrics inspire hope and a belief that time heals all wounds. Justin added, “I’ve always loved this song, because it speaks to the desire we all have in our heart for the cessation of pain and suffering.”

Hope for the Kids

Hope, in fact, is exactly what’s growing at the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti. Built in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in 2010, the staff at the Jacmel Children’s Center currently feeds, shelters, educates, and nourishes 27 orphaned children in their eco-friendly building. Supporting the JCC means giving a safe and loving home to children who would otherwise have nowhere to go. Read more about the history of the Jacmel Children’s Center.

Random Acts is very thankful to Jason and Justin for their continued support. Like them, we love seeing how art can make a positive impact in the lives of so many. “A Change is Gonna Come” is available today on all music platforms.

Need a teaser first? Check out the video!

* When the announcement was first made, funds raised were designated to fund the Free High School daycare project in Nicaragua. Since that project is now fully funded, Jason and Justin are now supporting the Jacmel Children’s Center.