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Spreading Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. In Bea’s case, it came in the form of handmade cherrystone pillows. To spread some cheer and warmth during the holiday season, Random Acts Internal Communications Assistant Manager Bea Arbeiter teamed up with her mother to share some love with essential workers in Germany.

A woman holding festively wrapped cherrystone pillows in front of a pharmacy. The Hidden Talents of the Cherrystone Pillow

The idea was born when Bea’s sister asked if she could make a new cherrystone pillow as hers had fallen prey to the cat. Cherrystone pillows are, as the name suggests, little pillows or sacks filled with cherrystones. The cushions are warmed up in the microwave or the oven and can be used as a heat cushion to soothe muscle and stomach pain or for massages.

As a personal holiday tradition, Bea and her mother make Christmas presents for essential workers every year. Bea was sure that essential workers could benefit from cherrystone pillows as well – especially when a new lockdown was glimpsing around the corner. So Bea and her Mom hatched the plan to sew cherrystone pillows this season.

Starting the Crafting EndeavorA woman wearing a holiday season-themed outfit

Bea had just started sewing shortly before, but that was not going to stop her. Bea and her mother first started with a smaller test pillow. But they soon realized that the cherrystones her Mom had collected over the summer would not be enough. So they ordered more cherrystones online and got to work right away.

Handing Out the Pillows

In the end, Bea and her Mother made a total of 220 cherrystone pillows for shop assistants, doctor’s assistants, doctors, the police department, and other essential workers.
When Bea and her Mom handed out the cherrystone pillows, the response was more than what Bea had hoped for. The people receiving their pillows were happy and touched that Bea had thought of such a lovely surprise. Some said it made their day and told Bea and her Mom afterward that they immediately started using the cherrystone pillows and have not stopped since.

Acts of Kindness do not have to be bold or big to have an impact or to make another person smile. If you have an idea, like Bea, head over to our Acts of Kindness page to apply for funding or approach your Regional Representative for guidance.