Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


The global pandemic has highlighted inequalities in societies all over the world. One key area is access to information technology. Never has there been a time when being digitally connected was more important. This is especially true of the integral role technology plays in education, both inside the classroom as well as remotely.

Equal Access

When Ruth Barcelona, Random Acts Regional Representative in The Philippines, responded to an inquiry from a local mother, it led her to a bigger question about how to help more students gain quality access to eLearning. Jennel Licas (Jenny), who lives in Balanga City, reached out to Random Acts for help to provide devices for her two children, Michael and Lourd. Ruth looked into the request and found that Jenny also cared for two further children. All four were sharing just one device for their eLearning needs during the pandemic. With help from Random Acts, Ruth then secured the purchase of a new device suitable for eLearning for each of the children.

Impactful Acts

Two children, Lourd and Michael, show off the new eLearning devices provided for them. They have a sign that reads Thank you to Random Acts and Ruth Barcelona.

Lourd and Michael showing off their new eLearning devices

Ruth is not new to helping out, making contributions of her time and donations where she can. But she feels more confident to take the initiative having the guidance of Random Acts. She is also quick to identify the flow-on effects of this act. “This will help each kid have their privacy, as well as a sense of ownership and responsibility,” Ruth notes. “I hope this act gives them inspiration to study well, and hopefully in the future, they too can help other kids their age that are in the same situation.”

After the success of this act, Ruth is now motivated to explore further options, such as asking friends and families to donate used gadgets and approaching schools to donate support to other parents in need, like Jenny. Ruth also continues to work with children and is looking toward future acts that aid and broaden learning and development.


Feel inspired by this act? Look for local or national programs that refurbish and donate used tech from businesses or individuals. Or you could contact your local schools to liaise with them on their needs, and maybe set up a program! Random Acts has resources that could help you get off the ground and Get Involved