Due to COVID-19, individuals all over the world are having to quickly adjust to a new way of life. One nonprofit foundation serving families in Surkhet, Nepal, is currently experiencing firsthand the impact that this pandemic is taking on this community. However, thanks to generous support from readers like you, Random Acts Executive Director Rachel Miner was able to make a donation to the organization so that they can continue offering support to families in need in their area!

About BlinkNow

The BlinkNow Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to serve and improve the quality of life of at-risk women and children in Surkhet, Nepal. The organization does this through the various programs that they offer, including a children’s home, school, health clinic, women’s center, and sustainability program. They live by the idea that “progress never stops.”

Random Acts believes in doing good and serving others, and BlinkNow Foundation takes that mission to heart as well! That is why we were pleased to make a donation to their cause.

How Donations Help

With funds from Random Acts and others, the BlinkNow Foundation is able to continue serving families and help them through this tough transitional period. The organization is able to distribute supply packages to families;, work with the local government to assist the community; continue to aid children, college students, and at-risk teens; and maintain the operation of their women’s center!

“As long as stay-at-home orders exist and as long as this continues, we are going to do everything we can to provide for our families and the many children in need,” said co-founder Maggie Doyne. “I am so incredibly grateful.”

For more information about the BlinkNow Foundation and how you can contribute, please visit their websiteEnjoyed this story? Be sure to read more of our Kindness Stories!