Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Kindness often starts as a seed. Its roots spread throughout social media posts and interactions with strangers until they sprout into a philanthropic garden. We have been focusing on this idea during our #RACultivatingKindness initiative. Random Acts Regional Lead for the Canada – West area Rowan Meredith kept this in mind, setting a goal to help families grow their own meals.

Seedling Treasure

Rowan bought 60 packages of vegetable seeds from a local nursery and placed them inside a tiny metal box. “I chose to place the seeds outside a family member’s house, where I know that there is significant Rowan Meredith with her assortment of vegetable seeds. foot traffic and especially lots of young families,” Rowan said. Those roaming around could quickly tell what the seeds were and took a packet or two to start their own gardens. “[The local nursery] had a vast selection of inexpensive vegetable seeds that are all grown locally,” Rowan explained. “The staff members at the nursery were very friendly and helpful and were excited to hear about the act we had been given funding for.”

Growing Meals

Rowan Meredith, alongside her friend, putting the vegetable seeds into the tiny metal box.Rowan’s idea stemmed from her passion for shopping locally. “In addition, with Random Acts’ current focus on food equity, I thought it would be great to do something that allows people to grow their own food in their very own gardens!” she said. Curious people, drawn to the seed box, could choose the vegetables they most wanted to eat come harvest time. Learning to garden could also add a new skill to the wheelbarrow! Rowan further commented, “This was a fun act to do, especially knowing how much fun it can be to grow your own food. I’m hoping that everyone will have a great time.”

Potting Some Benevolence?

Do you have a seed of an idea planted in your mind that is ready to bloom? Please have a glance over our Acts of Kindness proposal page and/or reach out to our Regional Representatives! They are always willing to provide that helpful watering can for your kindness gardens.