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Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can be very isolating, particularly in the time of COVID-19. Recovery programs that foster connections between people are more important than ever. Hoping to support those in recovery, Random Acts Graphic Designer Kacie Cooper gave unity packages to the residents of seven recovery houses in Salem, Oregon.

A woman stands in front of an open car trunk that has seven red gift bags inside.

Kacie’s haul!

Getting Better Together

Kacie was inspired to bring some kindness to the Women and Children Oxford Houses after she volunteered with the organization from 2011 to 2015. The Women and Children Oxford Houses specifically assist women with families in their recovery, providing them a safe place to stay and a support system. Since the holidays were coming up, Kacie wanted to do something special for the house members that would “bring unity and fun to the houses.” Using funds generously provided by our awesome donors, she was able to purchase enough supplies to fill seven unity packages. Each of the seven packages contained “a holiday movie, popcorn, two boxes of hot chocolate, holiday chocolates, candy canes, a rock painting kit, and two card games,” Kacie said.

A display of gift items. including candy, popcorn, movies, and games.

Unity packages

Once all the items had been gathered, Kacie carefully packaged them into seven gift bags for the seven houses that would receive them. Due to safety precautions, Kacie was not able to deliver the unity packages in person. An outreach worker for Oxford House brought the packages to the house members. They made sure to tell Kacie that the houses were “all excited and delighted to get each package and to have opportunities to do activities together as a house.” Thanks to Kacie, the holidays were a little bit brighter for the families of the Oxford Houses!

If you are struggling with addiction, you can contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline or a helpline in your own country for referrals to local resources.

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