So Others Might Eat, SOME, is an interfaith, community-based service organization located in Washington, D.C. They work to help those experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty to find a path to stability. Their services include affordable housing, counseling, addiction treatment, and job training. They also provide food, clothing, and healthcare to vulnerable populations. In 2020 alone, SOME served more than 260,000 meals and provided more than 800 families and individuals with safe, affordable housing.

Baskets Full of Necessities

reusable striped hamper with welcome note from Random ActsWith a cold D.C. winter on the way, Acts Manager Shawna wanted to help those most in need. Inspiration hit when she found SOME. “I decided this should be my act after thinking about these people moving into their new home after waiting for so long and then not having anything to cook or clean with. My hope is to make them feel at home immediately with a few brand new items they can forever call their own.” Shawna said.
SOME maintains a wishlist on their website where they asked for welcome baskets for new residents to their housing programs. The baskets include a set of sheets, a couple of towels, one pot, and one pan — all packaged in a reusable bag, basket, or bin. Shawna ordered 11 of each item online and had them shipped directly to her. With some help frowoman speaking to man with a cart of striped resuable laundry bags between themm her family, she put together 11 welcome baskets and added a nice message to each.

With a car full of welcome supplies, Shawna drove over to SOME to make her donation. The staff was excited for her delivery as they had several new tenants moving in in a few days. The baskets would be put to use soon! Shawna came away from her donation experience with new enthusiasm, “I was inspired to learn more about this organization and hope to [be] of more assistance to them soon, hopefully directly with the clientele rather than from a distance.”

Feeling Inspired?

If you would like to learn more about So Others Might Eat or make a donation, please visit their website. Our Random Acts Regional Representatives would love to help you find similar opportunities in your community. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness and compassion!