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Sometimes, the winter months can get quite dangerous – and not just because of the biting cold. This was the case in the community of Prodduturu, India, where the harsh winter and a mosquito infestation put the lives of vulnerable people at risk. When Random Acts supporter AJ learned of the situation, she immediately knew she had to help.

AJ lives in the state of Andhra in India – the same state where Prodduturu is located. Prodduturu is a rural and under-resourced area. It is also the home of many tribal families who have been displaced from their indigenous lands. As a result, the families are treated as non-entities by the government. They are not eligible for many of the welfare programs run by their regional governmental structures and are forced to survive on the kindness of their local communities.

One day, Mr Bharath, a regular volunteer for a local organization in Prodduturu, contacted AJ and asked for help. AJ first met Mr Bharath during a community event in 2022. There, she had learned of his work and his organization, S.S. Akshaya.

S.S. Akshaya

S.S. Akshaya provides free meals, free medical services, basic education and other basic human dignities to orphans, displaced elderly people and displaced tribal families in the Prodduturu area. The organization also does monthly cooked food donations, clothing drives, book drives, and much more on a weekly basis.

A part of a female body wrapped in a grey soft blanket. Hands are grabbing the blanket, pulling it close.In Need of Some Kindness

Due to the changing seasonal climates, many of the community members of Prodduturu were in urgent need of blankets and caps to help them survive the cold winter months. Mr Bharath sprang to action and started to plan a blanket and cap distribution drive.
This was the moment Mr Bharath reached out to AJ, asking for support. AJ wished to help and applied for indness Act funding through Random Acts. Mr Bharat and AJ stayed in contact, talking on the phone about which items were needed the most. In the end, AJ purchased 200 blankets and hats, as well as 40 towels.

Helping with Hats and Blankets

When Mr Bharath received AJ’s donation, he was thankful and appreciative as it enabled him to help his community. Mr Bharath distributed the blankets, hats and towels. He also regularly updated AJ about how her donation supported those in need. Through AJ’s Act of Kindness, 200 elderly people experiencing homelessness were able to get the bare minimum outerwear supplies that they needed to survive a harsh, deforested, mosquito-infested winter.

“I am so thankful to Random Acts for walking the walk with me; in giving back to the most vulnerable populations in my State,” expressed AJ happily.

A great number of organizations like S.S. Akshaya depend on donations. By working together, we can amplify our kindness to help those in need. Do you have an idea for your own kindness act? Head over to our Acts of Kindness page or reach out to your Regional Representative to ask for guidance.