Jacmel Children’s Center Update – February 2015


Although our Hope to Haiti project trips officially ended in 2013 when construction on the Jacmel Children’s Center did, there’s still work remaining to be completed before any children can safely move in. The work has taken slightly longer than what we had initially expected, but for various reasons, things in Haiti don’t always proceed at same pace as they do here. The good news is that we now have an update for all of our supporters!

They finished installing the electrical wiring last month, so the Jacmel Children’s Center is now connected to the city’s grid! However, power outages have become even more common so we’ve decided to go ahead and install solar panels, which cost about $48,000. Random Acts recently sent over the money that was needed, and 40 solar panels have now been installed too!

solar panels on the roof of the Jacmel Children's Center

Utilizing directed funds, we have sent over $5,000 to cover the cost of kitchen appliances, in additional to funds used for other furnishings like beds and desks. Bonite is committed to spending wisely and has been tirelessly finding the best deals and negotiating those prices down further.

The Haitian government has several requirements that must be met before they will provide an operating certificate to an orphanage. Among those requirements are certain accounting practices, financial accounts that must be in place, on-site staff, and on-call medical staff. Bonite has interviewed and selected house-parents and medical staff for the orphanage. As well, in order to insure the security of the children, the facility, and its furnishings, Bonite has contracted a security firm to protect the JCC.

In other words, we’re almost there!

We’re really looking forward to receiving the next updates from the JCC, and we’ll let you all know how things are progressing. Many thanks to everyone for your patience and continued support!

Apart from the Jacmel Children’s Center, we’ve also continued to support the Art Creation Foundation for Children. We’ll have an exciting update on them in the next few days as well, so stay tuned!