Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


A Random Retrospective

“Let everything you do be done as if it makes a difference. It does.”
– William James

It’s easy to have our focus diverted to all the areas of injustice and places humanity is falling short, yet our only hope is to stay true to our goals and hold to knowledge that things can be better.

I believe one of the best things to do with our time is to help spark, rekindle, and bring attention back to that place of creativity, beauty, joy, and inspiration that dwells in each of us. This is particularly important when it’s been neglected, overshadowed or forgotten. This is what an act of kindness can do. This is how we can spin every moment of connection into something truly meaningful, truly beautiful. This is what I am lucky enough to witness each of you doing every day.

– Rachel Miner, Executive Director

Your Random Acts of Kindness

School Supplies for Ashton, South Africa

Melissa Kettell, an officer of Random Acts’ Student Chapter at the University of Southern Maine, held a fundraiser to provide supplies for over 300 students in Ashton, South Africa.

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Boosting Food Security in Portland, Oregon

In Portland, Oregon, Vivien Lyon helped fight food insecurity by donating to PDX Free Fridge, a volunteer-run organization works to make food and essentials more accessible to people in need.

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Fighting Anti-Asian Hate Crime Through Support and Kindness

Samara Cogan partnered with API Chaya, an organization that supports vulnerable members of the Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander communities to battle hate crimes against Asian-Americans.