Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Welcome to our Random Acts October newsletter. This month, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Humm Kombucha. We also have updates on kind kindergarten birthday parties in the U.S. and conservation efforts in the U.K. to share with you. As always, we are also inviting you to go out and perform an act of kindness of your own and join our all-volunteer team.

A Random Retrospective

“900 years of time and space and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” — Doctor Who

It is simply an illusion that we are unseen, that the effects of our actions are not profoundly felt, that any of us can ever be insignificant, or our actions superfluous. Some of us seem unable to fully comprehend the “realness” and importance of others, some the truth and significance of ourselves. Either way, the outcome is that we too often fail to appreciate the significant and reverberating impact of our every choice, our every communication and our every action.

This tendency we too often fall into of undervaluing each other and ourselves is not an exercise in humility; it is disempowering and harmful. If we instead appreciate the importance of ourselves and our choices, we might act and choose more mindfully. This awareness ideally takes place not with the expectation of applause, but with the stabilizing realization that we are integral to the well-being of every creature, and that our smallest action may have huge effects on individuals we never meet in generations we never see.

All of this leads my thoughts back to you and the work I witness each of you doing every day with Random Acts. Please never undervalue or underestimate all of the ways you are changing lives, the positive impacts you are creating in the world, the way you are forever positively altering the course of all around you. This existence is a manifestation of all our collective actions, let our contributions prove to be beneficial ones.

– Rachel Miner, Executive Director

Random Updates – Acts and Partnerships

A Unicorn Partnership with Humm Kombucha

From November 1 until the end of the year, Humm Kombucha will be donating a percentage of sales of their Unicorn Edition Magical Lemon Cupcake to Random Acts.

Get your unicorn here!

Creating Memorable Birthday Parties for Local Children

Box of Balloons helps create memorable birthdays for Wisconsin children, especially during difficult times. Laura Rogers partnered with Box of Balloons to help celebrate the birthdays of some local kindergarten children.

Learn about the parties here!

Helping Conservation Efforts in the U.K. One Paw At A Time

U.K. South Representative Tobias Palfey helped a local wildlife center with items to care for their endangered animals. Since he was a child, Tobias has been connected with local wildlife and used Random Acts as a way to do more than he could have on his own.