Bamfield Community Shool students


Printing Possibilities in Bamfield

There is no question that the Bamfield Community School’s printer plays an important role in empowering Bamfield and Anacle residents. However, the school’s current printer was becoming rundown.

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Health Wagon gift distribution!


Health Wagon Hosts First Annual Patient Christmas Party

We recently did a series on the #RAHolidayKindness acts our staff busied themselves with during the holidays. Our staff were certainly not the only ones getting kind this holiday season, though. Supporter Brian Myers used Random Acts funding to help with Health Wagon’s first annual patient Christmas party.

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#RAHolidayKindness: Warm and Cozy

As the winter months go from frosty to frigid, sometimes a little warmth is all we need to keep our spirits up. Whether that comes from a hot meal or a cozy blanket, both metaphorical and physical warmth can go a long way. Using their #RAHolidayKindness budgets, three of our staff members got to work spreading lasting compassion throughout their communities.

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