Slaying The Dragons: Gaming Meets Charity

When we think of fairy tales, we imagine the dragon nesting upon the tower overlooking the princess kept there for centuries. However, roleplayers know that is only part of the picture, and it sparks the curiosity to find out the more minuscule details laid out in the adventure awaiting ahead. What if the dragon had two heads? Or the princess had already been slicing the metal away until she could sneak out with a perfectly-executed exit strategery? Every action creates a new pathway in a story. Drive Thru RPG, the largest online marketplace for roleplay material, is the ideal platform for those who are creative to live out their wildest quests.

A few months ago, Drive Thru RPG reached out to us with a cool idea. They put together a bundle of D&D materials by various creators and the proceeds of each sale are donated to Random Acts. As big Dungeons and Dragons fans ourselves, how could we resist? Gaming and charity came together to benefit kindness in the best way. How cool is that?

From the well-known publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, and Chaosium, to those who are just starting to dip their toes into world-building, Drive Thru RPG has an infinite list of titles. Not only are they spellbinding, but the mostly digital packages include character backstories and short adventures which create an immersive experience within a few clicks.

We want to thank Drive Thru RPG and all of the wonderful gamers who purchased the bundle to help Random Acts! Feel like rolling the dice with kindness? Check out our Sponsored Kindness page for more ideas!