Conquering the world one random act of kindness at a time.

Perform an Act of Kindness

We fund proposals for acts of kindness. If you have an awesome idea for an act of kindness, but need some assistance with funding, we can help you out!


There is no age restriction; however, individuals under the age of 18 must have their parent/guardian complete the Parent/Guardian Consent Form before their proposal will be considered.

Proposals must include the following documentation as attachments in order to be considered:

    • Color photo or scan of ID (e.g.- driver’s license, passport, state ID card, or student ID)
    • Color photo or scan of proof of address which matches the one given in the application (e.g.- an official letter, such as a bill or letter from current landlord; for students, a letter from the university they currently attend will suffice)
    • A Proposed Budget Form detailing all items to be purchased and, where necessary, item cost and number of items intended to be purchased

The following items are not eligible for funding:

    • Activities or purchases that have already taken place
    • Acts for family members
    • Any bills, such as utility, debts, medical, or veterinary bills
    • Housing payments or improvements
    • Publicity for other organizations or campaigns
    • Fundraisers for other charities or individuals
    • Travel expenses
    • Convention tickets (admission, photo op, etc.)
    • Gift Cards/Vouchers (except in rare cases)
    • Shipping costs (except in rare cases)


First-time applicants may only request funding up to a maximum of $499 USD

Applicants who have successfully completed a previous proposal may, under some circumstances, be eligible to request funding amounting to more than $499 USD

Application Process

  1. Submit Your Proposal
  2. Wait for Approval/Feedback
      • Please allow up to 4 weeks for your proposal to be reviewed and processed. You will receive an email regarding the results of the review.

If your proposal is approved:

  1. Complete Your Act
      • Document your act by taking photos and/or video
      • Have fun!
  2. Submit Your Final Report
  3. Return any unused funds via PayPal to

Relevant Forms


Attach Proposed Budget Form, photo ID and documentation with this form.


After you complete your act, fill out the amount of money actually spent.


After you complete your act, attach Final Budget Form, photos/videos and receipt then fill out this form.

If you are under 18, and would like to perform an Act. Please have your parent / guardian fill out this form. 


I have a really cool idea for an act but I can’t afford it. Can you help?

You can apply for funding for an act by filling in the Act Proposal Form.

Please note that we will only provide funding to facilitate acts of kindness. We cannot provide funds to pay utility bills.

I completed an act of kindness, but did not submit an Act Proposal Form for it. Can I still submit a form for my act and get funds for reimbursement?

No, we can only fund acts that have first gone through our act proposal submission, review, and approval processes.

If I need funds is there a maximum amount?

If you haven’t requested funding from us before you can request anything from $1-499 (USD), depending on your requirements. We will require a full plan of your act and receipts for all your expenditures after the event. Any monies provided by us and not accounted for by receipts must be returned to Random Acts.

If you wish to apply for funding for an act and understand the above stipulations, please complete our Act Proposal Form and Proposed Budget form (which will need to be attached to your act proposal).

Once your act has been completed, please fill in the Final Report form and attach this Final Budget form along with copies of any receipts. Any funds or materials provided by Random Acts that is not spent or used will need to be returned to us.

I need more than $500 (USD). Does that mean you can’t help me?

We will fund acts for between $500-1000 (USD) under some circumstances.

You must have completed a lower value act in the past, provided all receipts and paid back any excess funds.

The act must involve work hours (e.g., spending a few days helping harvest a community garden). We will not provide funds to purchase $1000 of food for a food bank for example.

I want to do a fundraiser for Random Acts. Is there anything I need to do?

Thank you so much for wanting to raise funds for us. Please fill in a Volunteer Fundraiser Agreement and we will contact you further.

I have another question.
Please email