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Rachel Miner

Executive Director

Rachel Miner is the Executive Director at Random Acts, Inc.

Rachel has spent a lifetime impacting others and spreading kindness to everyone around her. Joining Random Acts was like coming home, the organization being a perfect fit to enable her to empower others to do the same.  She is an inspiration to the teams at Random Acts, acting as a creative and innovative leader, and spearheading the organizations initiatives. Rachel considers it a singular honor to work alongside so many who are dedicated to the work of making this world a kinder and more compassionate place for all. 

If Rachel could have any superpower, she would choose the power to heal emotional wounds so that she could help people so much more effectively.


Amanda Tucker

Strategic Director

Amanda Tucker is the Director of Programming at Random Acts, Inc.

Amanda started with Random Acts in October 2017 as the Events Manager. Amanda joined Random Acts to pay forward kindness that was shown to her, and to help make an impact on others in the same way. Amanda has a BA in Marketing, with a concentration in Finance, as well as an MBA. She has extensive experience in Project Management, Contract Proposals and Negotiations, and Financial Analytics. Amanda has a husband, two children, one dog, and more squirrels in her yard than she can count.

If Amanda could have any superpower, she would choose the power of interdimensional phasing, so that she would never have to sit in traffic again.

Amanda heads the teams for Acts, Corporate Relations, Fundraising and Destinations

Alex Vincent

Community Outreach Director

Alex Vincent

Alex Vincent is the Community Outreach Director at Random Acts, Inc.

Alex joined Random Acts in 2018 as a regional representative before moving into a role as an events manager and eventually outreach director. Originally, Alex’s desire to pay forward kindness and increase the brand awareness of Random Acts in the United Kingdom drove Alex to apply. She had been a long-time supporter of the organization before taking the plunge. 

A qualified nurse holding a Master of Business Administration, Alex has extensive experience in healthcare transformation, as well as expertise in coaching, strategic planning, and stakeholder management. Alex lives in England and has two grown children, a Labrador named Fudge, and a corn snake named Mike.

If Alex could have any superpower she would choose the power to refill things. Then, food banks would never run out, the ozone layer would never reduce, and she would  have the energy to do everything on her bucket list.

Alex heads the teams for Events, Outreach and Regional Representatives.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Alex Vincent
Alex Vincent
Alex Vincent

Becky Houseman

Creative Director

Alex Vincent

Becky Houseman is the Creative Director at Random Acts, Inc.

Becky has always considered writing to be her calling, which is why in 2017 she joined the Random Acts team as a Staff Writer. She feels that storytelling is a vital part of kindness, which is what drew her to the organization. You can, essentially, double your kindness efforts by sharing with others the small ripple you created. She soon moved on to managing the Writing Team, and is now serving as Creative Director. 

When she is not working for Random Acts, or as a project manager at her day job, you can find Becky between the pages of a good book, eating something delicious, or being crafty (with actual crafts, not world domination).

If Becky had a superpower, it would be to clone herself, so she could travel to and accomplish everything she dreams of. 

Becky heads the teams for Digital Marketing, Social Media, Multimedia and Writing. 

“Good is not a thing you are, it’s a thing you do.” Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel)

Alex Vincent
Alex Vincent
Alex Vincent