The visual narrative of Random Acts is controlled by the MultiMedia department. Within are teams of graphic artists, videographers, and photographers who work together to show how kindness can change the world. 

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Iliana Habib

Multimedia Manager

Iliana joined the Random Acts team in September of 2018, with the desire to give back some of the kindness that she had been the recipient of in her life. She began first as a Fundraising Officer before moving on to the Graphic Design department. With an associate’s degree in photography and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Iliana had been looking for a way to use art and creativity to make positive change in her community and this was the perfect opportunity. In her free time Iliana likes to paint, consume an absurd amount of television, and watch all of the cute duck videos the internet has to offer. 

If Iliana could have any superpower, it would be instantaneous teleportation because she loves to travel but hates flying in airplanes. 

“You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” – Unknown

Bethany Sturrock

Assistant Manager – Videography


Beth started at Random Acts in 2019. Originally she was searching for a Regional Representative role, but found Video Editor Lead instead. This position allowed her to combine her passion of video editing with helping to make the world a kinder place. She is currently earning her bachelor’s degree in editing and post production and hopes to become a film editor in the future. Working at Random Acts is important to Beth because she wanted to make a difference and work with like minded people. 

If Beth could have any superpower, it would be the ability to speak all languages so she could communicate with everyone.

Stephanie Han

Graphic Designer – Social Media


Stephanie joined the Random Acts family in the summer of 2019 as a graphic designer. She longed to use her skills to send good vibes back into the world and Random Acts was the perfect fit. Stephanie has a Bachelor in Fine Arts with an emphasis on graphic design. She spends her days doodling away and dreaming of animals to pet.

If Stephanie could have any superpower, it would be to materialize her imagination into the real world, so she could finally pet a mythical creature.

Dharanie Hewa Battage

Graphic Designer 


Dharanie joined Random Acts in November 2017 as a Graphic Designer. She heard about the vacancy while studying in the USA, applied for it when she visited her family in the United Arab Emirates, and joined the team right after she moved to Sri Lanka. Dharanie’s love for volunteering began when she was a girl guide so she is thrilled to be a part of Random Acts where she could spread kindness around the world. Also joining Random Acts felt like getting two scoops of her favorite ice cream. Not only does she get to help people from all over the world, she also gets to do it as a graphic designer. When Dharanie is taking a break you can find her mingling with nature, playing Tetris, or just napping.

She prefers switching superpowers according to the need at hand but if she had to pick one, Dharanie’s superpower would be teleportation so she could travel anywhere in the world.

Nupur Vartak

Graphic Designer 


Namaste! Nupur is an artist, and was born in India. Thinking it was about time she repaid the world in kindness, she joined Random Acts in 2020. She loves books and dreams of travelling the world. Nupur is a foodie! Chocolate is a way to her heart. She is a super geek when it comes to fandoms, majorly Supernatural and Harry Potter. Nupur is pure Ravenclaw and Dean’s girl. Mutual fandoms are a great way to kick off a conversation with her! She is weird, clumsy, and messy but a great friend to have. 

If Nupur could have any superpower,  it would probably be magic. Swish and flick of her wand and the world would be a better place.

Your failures make great success stories.

KAcie Cooper

Graphic Designer 


Kacie joined the team at Random Acts in September 2020 as a graphic designer. She believes in creating design for inclusivity, impact, and being a part of, and not apart from, a community. Random Acts is a wonderful opportunity for her to share in creating purposeful and meaningful work. Kacie has a Bachelor of Science in graphic design. In her free time, she enjoys photography and being outdoors.

If Kacie could have any superpower, she would want the ability to slow and stop time, so she could bask in moments in her life a little longer.