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The holidays are a time when a helping hand may be the most appreciated of all. It is a very difficult time of year for those facing homelessness, food insecurity, illness, or grief. These stories show how Random Acts staff have stepped forward to offer holiday Acts of Kindness when their fellow community members needed it most.

man and woman in holiday costumes holding blue Santa bag

The Blue Santa program distributes holiday gifts to children in the Pflugerville, Texas, area.

Pflugerville Blue Santa

Tiffany Schweikhart, Regional Representative, United States Central

For her Act of Kindness, Tiffany took part in the toy drive donation for the Blue Santa organization in Texas. The Pflugerville Police Department sponsors this program, which supplies holiday gifts to families in need. The name Blue Santa comes from the traditional color of many police uniforms.

Tiffany provided enough supplies for 36 gifts, hoping to make the holiday better for children and their families. There is an old saying that a gift benefits the recipient as much as the giver, and Tiffany agrees. “I feel wonderful!” she says. “The children received gifts, and I got to shop for toys!”

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Cassandra Glockner, Events Coordinator, and Jason Glockner, Assistant Manager, HR & Recruiting

Living in the Los Angeles, California, area, Jason and Cassandra were familiar with the toy donation program at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. When they learned that the hospital particularly needed books and art supplies, the Glockner family was eager to help.

The Volunteer Resources & Toy Donations program at the hospital helps ease children during the holidays. The resources also help families pass the time while in the hospital. The day of the donation was hectic, with many organizations and other supporters arriving at the same time. The Glockners were impressed that the hospital volunteers took the time to greet the visitors and thank them for their time and donations.

Jason and Cassandra said that their daughter grew up healthy, but they are very aware that not all children are so fortunate. “We hope they know that people are pulling for them to get better,” Cassandra says, “and back to being a child.”

neon sign with toys in english and jouets in french

Sun Youth holds donation drives for the Montreal area.

Sun Youth

Julie-Anne Nadeau, Friends of Random Acts Coordinator

Julie-Anne’s Act of Kindness was actually a combination of activities with her whole office. Each year, her office holds a drive for funding, groceries, and toys to benefit Sun Youth in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sun Youth offers a wealth of community services, from emergency relief for those in need to youth activities and public health and safety programs.

Aside from donations, Julie-Anne’s office also volunteers with Sun Youth. Some staff helped families pick up their groceries, while others wrapped the donated gifts. Sun Youth reports that they have registered an 80% increase in demand this year and have had to turn away some people in need. The Sun Youth organizers were especially happy that Julie-Anne had brought diapers, an item in great demand. More than $8,000 went to Sun Youth this year, which is a record for Julie-Anne’s office.

Julie-Anne knows first-hand how difficult it is to struggle during the holidays. When her partner of 19 years was treated for cancer, her family asked for help to get through the holidays. She was thankful to be able to return the gift of support, saying, “Giving back was always something that was important to me.”

tiny houses under construction for use as shelters

Okanogan Homeless Shelter constructs “tiny houses” in the north central area of Washington state.

Okanogan Homeless Shelter

Jennie Demos, Regional Representative, United States Northwest

Jennie Demos has encountered many members of the community in her job as an assistant librarian in Okanogan County in Washington. Every year, she sees the struggle that unhoused individuals face during the winter cold. With temperatures that can dip well below zero, Jennie hoped to provide stockings stuffed full with warming packets, clothing, and groceries.

After Jennie and her sister put together their donation, they set out for the nearest homeless shelter. They quickly discovered that homeless shelters are often closed due to a lack of resources and volunteers. All three shelters Jennie tried were closed, but the third, the Okanogan Homeless Shelter, had posted contact information for the director. The director came to meet them and was “delighted” with the donation. As Jennie says, “He wanted to know about the program that was making his Christmas!”

Jennie knew that her gifts would not solve all the challenges that unsheltered people face. Her goal was just to let them know that someone cares. “I loved this act,” she says. “It warmed my heart in every part.”

Local Acts Add Up to Global Good

At Random Acts, our mission is to fund acts of kindness, both large and small. Do you have an idea for an act of kindness in your own community? Contact your local Random Acts Regional Representative for information on Sponsored Acts or any other help you need to turn your idea into a reality.