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Change a Life

In 2016, Random Acts partnered with GISH, Giles Duley and the Legacy of War Foundation to start a new project called Change a Life.

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Giles Duley brings with him over a decade of experience traveling the world and finding stories that need to be told, especially of those individuals that have been impacted by war. The Legacy of War Foundation aims to empower people to rebuild lives after conflict. Not only do they assist financially, but they are also working to build sustainable prosthetic and rehabilitation support centers.

From the weird, to the magical, to the generous, to the extraordinary, GISH (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) encourages their hunters to push past their boundaries to spread chaotic kindness in their communities. While these acts of kindness add up, GISH wanted to use the annual hunt to also make one huge difference in the lives of one person or community as well.

Working with Giles, Random Acts and GISH have been able to track down some individuals, families and communities where we can make the most critical impact. The aim is not to make a short term change, but to substantially alter the lives of people who are in desperate need. To that end, GISHers have raised over $750,000 since 2016 in these ongoing efforts.

Read on to learn about the former recipients of the Change a Life project, and see updates on how they’re continuing to thrive.

Loas children

In 2019, Random Acts partnered with GISH, Legacy of War and Munitions Advisory Group to help families clear unexploded bombs from Laotian family farms in southeast Asia. 

Giles Duley, 2020

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