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May 2022

Welcome to our Random Acts May newsletter. This month, we're checking in with volunteers and supporters who've organized clothing drives, brought birthday joy, and provided books for incarcerated individuals.    And of course we're inviting you to go out and spread...

Books For Incarcerated Individuals

April 2022

Welcome to the Random Acts April newsletter. This month, we have exciting Acts to share with you — ranging from donating period products to doggy staycations. We're also happy to announce new brand partnerships that help support Random Acts.   As always, we've...

Big Brother clothing donation

March 2022

Welcome to our Random Acts March newsletter!   This month, we want to share stories of volunteers helping refugees stay warm, donating supplies to domestic violence shelters, and supporting neighbors in need after a traumatic experience. We also celebrate Dia das...

Black Table Arts

February 2022

Welcome to our Random Acts February newsletter. This month, we are excited to announce the winner of our Create for Kindness Contest and our new merchandise. We're also happy to share the stories of the joy your own acts of kindness have brought into the world...

Eid al-Fitr Gifts