Our Kindness Stories

AMOK: A Spark of Change

“Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou We love this sentiment by Maya Angelou because it reminds us that we can always change and evolve as we learn new information. Our initiative AMOK (Annual Melee of Kindness)...

The Culture Behind Indigenous Food Insecurity 

“Food is a gift from the Creator; in this respect, the right to food is sacred and cannot be constrained or recalled by colonial laws, policies, and institutions. Indigenous food sovereignty is fundamentally achieved by upholding our sacred responsibility to nurture...

Welcome Baskets for a Welcome Home

Acts Manager Shawna put together welcome baskets for new tenants at So Others Might Eat affordable housing.

Literacy: Why Reading and Writing Matters

For our #GetKind theme of Education, we focus on the topic of literacy and point out why literacy skills are vital.

Celebrating Diversity with Crayons for Title I Schools

“The children of my generation never saw their color in the crayon box,” explained Vice Chair Darryl Jones, “You had to use all types of different means and methods of shading to quite get your color … [The crayons] will mean a whole lot to spur the artistry and creativity of our children … It says what we feel about one another and the beauty of our diversity. I just might color tonight.”

A Place to Thrive — Providing Support for LGBTQIA+ Youth in San Antonio

Random Acts IT Manager Lauren Angelini provided donations for the Thrive Youth Center, whose mission is to provide a safe center for homeless LGBTQIA+ youth.

March 2021

Welcome all to our Random Acts March Newsletter, As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I think about all the women in my life. There are many family and friends, but also many here at Random Acts. A large majority of our staff identify as women. And these women are...

Random Acts Board Member Helps Feed Families With Our Table Lawrence

On a crisp Saturday in January 2021, Random Acts Board Member Susan Markowitz and her husband Richard Krushnic teamed up with Our Table Lawrence to help feed families experiencing food insecurity in Massachusetts. Supporting Food-Insecure Communities Since its...

Acts for the Heart of the Home

Follow Valarie Weinhaus as she performs two acts of kindness to help two families rebuild their kitchen and home supplies.

Valuing Water on World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021 focuses on valuing water, educating each other, and advocating for the protection of this vital resource.

Meet the Team: Paulina Fangel

Meet the Team: Paulina Fangel

Name: Paulina Fangel Role: HR Assistant Manager - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Location: New York, USA At Random Acts, we are constantly trying to improve in terms of how we foster inclusivity as an organization, which is what makes Paulina’s role such an...

Sharing Stories in Vancouver

Sharing Stories in Vancouver

In childhood, books are one of the first types of media we learn from. Children’s books can impart important lessons, and expose young people to cultures and experiences different from their own. Diverse representation in all media fosters inclusion, acceptance, and...

Spreading Holiday Joy in Bavaria

Spreading Holiday Joy in Bavaria

During the 2020 holiday season, Random Acts Communications Coordinator Bea Arbeiter decided to bring some holiday joy to at-risk youth in her hometown of Neustadt in Bavaria, Germany by fulfilling some of their wishes that were posted on local wish trees.