Our Kindness Stories

Class Act 2021 Runner Up — MOT Charter High School 

Meet 2021’s Class Act Runner Up, MOT Charter High School and their student-run volunteer club Engage for Change.

Flowers for Nursing Home Residents

Students in New Jersey deliver flowers and kind notes to residents of a local nursing home in time for Mother’s Day.

Safe Fun in the Sun in Long Island

Our GetKind theme for September and October is Wellness. Sometimes wellness includes taking precautions while basking inthe sun. While summer’s warm weather means an opportunity for fun in the sun, it also brings with it a heightened need for protection from the sun’s...

Wonderful, Wonderful! The Class Act 2021 Overall Winner

Nothing warms the heart more than seeing young people embrace compassion toward their world and all who share it with them. The 2021 Class Act awards allowed Random Acts to recognize outstanding acts of kindness by school groups. Prizes were awarded in the areas of...

Random Acts Board: Dr. Jennifer Willis-Rivera

Dr. Jennifer Willis-Rivera has held a variety of positions in her nearly seven years at Random Acts. She started off as a Development Officer in 2014 (among many other roles) and was promoted to the Director of Operations position in 2018, a position she held until...

Random Acts Board: Briona Jenkins

Briona is not only an accomplished public speaker, entrepreneur, and activist. She is also passionate about Random Acts’ mission to spread kindness while getting people involved in their communities. As she told us, “I’m a big believer that people want to help. They...

Random Acts Board: Dr. Fernando Delgado

Dr. Fernando Delgado is the current president of Lehman College, overseeing a diverse population of 15,000 students in New York City. It is fitting that Dr. Delgado now serves a student body that is made up of 60% first generation college attendees as he was a first...

Nature’s Design: Planting Wishes for a Local Garden

Before the pandemic, 462 Halsey Community Garden was part of Random Acts Photography Assistant Manager Kathryn Roach’s routine.

Land for Women: Training for New Knowledge

Land for Women started with a new program to provide the current women’s cooperatives in Rwanda with knowledge about agriculture and farming.

With a Little Help from my Friends: Supporting a Friend With a New Tablet

When Blue Waterman learned of their best friend Belle’s outdated graphic tablet, they decided to support her with a new tablet.

Teaming Up To Help Feral and Stray Cats

Teaming Up To Help Feral and Stray Cats

Enabling others to carry out work they are passionate about is one way to have a kindness impact. When Random Acts Grant Writer Kiernan Gladman came across a new venture called Tabby Trappers in Dover, Pennsylvania that aligned with their own dedication to helping...