Our Kindness Stories

Pawsome Support: Providing Donations for Pets and their Owners

Fundraising Manager Jennifer Santangelo teamed up with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to help support pets in her local community.

Juneteenth Observation and Importance

Part of being a kindness organization requires educating ourselves and sharing what we learn. Acknowledging important historical events and how they still impact today’s world are essential for making positive change in the world. The history of slavery is at the root...

Bringing Festive Cheer to Residents at Providence House

Random Acts Staff Writer Madison Petro connected with Providence House to help support people experiencing homelessness in New York.

Random Acts Staff Members Share Disaster Preparedness Strategies for #GetKind Safety

For May and June’s #GetKind theme, Random Acts staff members wanted to share their disaster preparedness strategies. If you are familiar with Random Acts, then you may already know that every two months are dedicated to a unique #GetKind theme. These themes are meant...

Random Acts Staff and Supporters Ignite Kindness During Spark

In all, 839 people pledged to complete an act during Spark, 452 of whom listed GISH as their inspiration for pledging. By the end of Spark, 170 staff and supporters submitted participation forms documenting their kindness acts. Here are just a few of those acts.

#GetKind Safety: Advocating for Accessibility

Accessibility and inclusivity make the world a safer place for all of us. Furthermore, accessibility matters all of the time, not just during global crises

Peace Hospital Receives Holiday Toys and Joys

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone—especially groups who already suffer from isolation. When the loneliness of quarantine overshadowed the holidays for a children’s ward, Random Acts Staff Writer Karyl Anne Fischer found a way to deliver hope for...

Nicaragua Update: June 2021

Today we are back with a short update from the Free High School in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. With your support, we built a beautiful, sustainable, and highly functional campus. Together, we gifted a home for an existing institute that provides the highest quality...

Random Acts Joins the Plant-A-Thon

Random Acts volunteers join in the JK Community Farm’s annual Plant-A-Thon to start thousands of seedlings on their journey to becoming meals!

Timely Meals through Vegetable Treasure Chest

Kindness often starts as a seed. Random Acts Regional Lead for the Canada – West area Rowan Meredith kept this in mind, setting a goal to help families grow their own meals.

Celebrating Diversity with Crayons for Title I Schools

Celebrating Diversity with Crayons for Title I Schools

“The children of my generation never saw their color in the crayon box,” explained Vice Chair Darryl Jones, “You had to use all types of different means and methods of shading to quite get your color … [The crayons] will mean a whole lot to spur the artistry and creativity of our children … It says what we feel about one another and the beauty of our diversity. I just might color tonight.”