Conquering the world one random act of kindness at a time.

Our Kindness Stories

Goma Vegetable Garden Project

Jade Wardle and Natasha Monteleone focus on food equity by organizing funding to plant two large vegetable gardens in Goma.

Where Kindness Has No Borders

In eastern Germany, an act of kindness brought the donation of supplies to a community of refugees from Ukraine.

Gifts for Refugee Children

Acts Proposal Coordinator Sara Ferrari grows close to her Afghan refugee students and sends them off into the world with thoughtful gifts.

Tech for eLearning

During pandemic lockdowns, equal access to eLearning became critically important for children worldwide, including four young pupils in The Philippines.

Kindness on Wheels

Tobi Palfrey in Northern Ireland wheeled in a holiday gift of skateboards to help brighten a family’s challenging time.

School Supplies for Ashton, South Africa

Melissa Kettell, an officer for the Student Chapter of Random Acts at USM, provides school supplies to students in Ashton, South Africa.

Holiday Food Donations with PDX Free Fridge

Random Acts Legal Advisor Vivien Lyon donated fresh food to fridges and pantries organized by PDX Free Fridge, which works to make food more accessible in Portland, Oregon communities.

Offering Support And Solidarity In A Time Of Need

Sometimes, it can feel like there is so much negativity in the world that it becomes overwhelming.  During these times, it is up to us to do our part to spread a little love, positivity, and light.  Samara Cogan, Regional Representative for the U.S. Northeast,  had...

Sleeping Bags for A Tiny Act of Kindness

Katie Pfledderer donates sturdy sleeping bags to A Tiny Act of Kindness to help keep unsheltered people warm during winter.

Giving Back: Protective Gear for Habitat for Humanity

Random Acts Regional Representatives Assistant Manager Kel Anders Kel supported the organization Habitat for Humanity by donating protective gear.

Providing Books For Incarcerated Individuals

Providing Books For Incarcerated Individuals

For incarcerated individuals, books provide one of the few windows into the outside world. Whether for entertainment or for education, jail libraries and those who work within them provide a lifeline. When beloved volunteer jail librarian Janet Gaye Wong was injured in a horse riding accident, her colleagues applied for an Act of Kindness grant from Random Acts to donate new library books in her honor! 

Clothed in Kindness

Clothed in Kindness

Random Acts Support Network Coordinator Jay Julier spearheaded a clothing donation drive to support community shelters through the Big Brother Program of Vancouver, British Columbia. Seeing the Need In the Fall of 2021, British Columbia in western Canada experienced...