Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


If there is one thing the staff at Random Acts know for sure, it is in the power of kindness to spread. The spark of one small act can inspire and mobilize anyone who is in proximity. Kindness can surprise. It can motivate. It can even be subversive to the push and pull of forces that sometimes do not feel like they leave much room for goodwill or generosity. Choosing kindness impacts inward as it simultaneously expands around us into the world.

A Family Business

Monica recently found out just how powerful–and empowering–one act of kindness can be. Her daughter, a Random Acts supporter, had earlier told Monica of a long-held resolution to perform an act. After applying for funding to contribute resources to a nearby cat sanctuary, she was overjoyed her kindness ambition was within reach. “She Facetimed me with so much excitement in her voice and tears in her eyes because she was approved, it brought tears to my eyes as well!” Monica reported. Her daughter followed up her act with a gushing description to Monica of how fulfilling it felt to provide donations to the sanctuary.

From the back of her truck, Monica unloads a large bag of dog food at the Pet Refuge

Monica unloading her donation of supplies at Pet Refuge

Now, Monica was galvanized. A family shared love for animals spurred her immediately to begin searching for a local shelter where she saw a need. She and her daughter worked on the funding application to Random Acts together, which was soon approved. She then wasted no time to complete an act of her own, doubling the impact of her daughter’s. “Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity!” Monica told us after successfully supplying food and litter to Pet Refuge. We can’t wait to see what Monica and her daughter do next as kindness superheroes, and who else they energize.


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