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Random Acts Support Network

Helping others is what we are all about, and though performing acts of kindness is often one of the best ways to lift our own spirits, that can be hard if we are not caring for ourselves first.


That is where this page comes in. If you are looking for support resources or helpful tips, we wish to give you a bit of a starting point. Most importantly we hope you take away the message that caring for YOU is an important part of caring for the world.


Remember, you are not alone.

988 Lifeline (US)Crisis Text Line (US, UK, Canada, Irelend)

Global Emergency Numbers

If this is a medical emergency, please contact emergency services in your area (for U.S. please call 911).

To talk to a trained mental health professional, please see the below list of Inernational numbers. 


LGBTQIA+ Resources

When not everyone understands you, look here to find resources to help you find a community.

Food Equity Resources

These global resources are for anyone who may be facing food insecurity and need food.

Self Care

Sometimes we forget how important Self Care is. Please check out this tool kit to help you remember to do Self Care every day!

Kindness Activities for Children

For all of these activities please make sure teachers, parents, or guardians are aware and participating in the activities.

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If you have any questions about the Random Acts Support Network or other outreach services, please contact us at