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Donations to the River Trail Learning Center!

Minnesota might be one of the coldest places in the United States at the moment, but it also has great warmth when it comes to kindness. This is particularly evident in examples like the River Trail Learning Center, the next stop on our #RaNoHungryChild trail.

River Trail is a small school that specializes in helping students for whom attending mainstream public schools is difficult. The entire student body qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program, meaning these children are in families facing financial difficulties. Some are struggling with food insecurity and also a lack of housing.

The school responds to this need by running a grocery-style food pantry, where families can pick up food, hygienic items, and clothes as needed. The school’s dedication to providing for their children’s education, as well as the daily essentials of life, is truly admirable.

Food for the Holidays

Holly’s helpers!

This year, Random Acts Regional Representative Holly Olsen contacted the social worker behind the River Trail Shelf, Julie Beaufeaux. Holly offered her time and a monetary donation from Random Acts to go towards the winter break baskets, which is a program designed to provide food for the students while they are off for the holidays.

With the allotted stipend, Holly and her family went shopping and bought enough food to fill three shopping carts. The clerk helping them commented that it had been a lot of fun, and the family enjoyed filling the carts with the requested food. They were especially excited when they were able to budget the Random Acts funds to include a greater variety or better quality of items.

Join Us!

These baskets go out to the children and their families with a piece of our hearts. We appreciate the great people at the River Trail Learning Center who care for the minds and the well-being of the children they protect. They do an important work.

If you would like to join them and help this school and their charges, please consider making a donation. Together, we can make the world a better place for children.