Class Act is our award program for schools all around the world. The award winner will be the group that is the most creative and inventive in performing an awesome act of kindness in their community and will get US$6000 for their school.

The Class Act Award is specifically designed for classrooms, whole grade levels, sanctioned school groups or entire schools. A sanctioned school group would include a student club, choral society, athletic team, ROTC or band for example. All participants (excluding any teachers who are assisting) must be at High School level or under and in full-time education at a private or public school.

How does it work?

We want to encourage and inspire making a real difference in your local community. Your project or event can be as big or as small as you like and can range from an afternoon activity to a semester-long project. Participating students have to be under 18 years of age and enrolled in full-time education. All we ask is that your project has a positive impact on your community and that your school group documents the project.

What is included in the award?

If your project is selected as the winner you win a trophy for display and US$6000 for your school, as well as individual, personalized e-certificates for each participant.

What sort of thing can we do?

Be creative, and think outside of the box! Here are a few suggestions:

  • build a community garden
  • visit and organize social events for the elderly to provide companionship and fun
  • complete some chores for those who are unable to
  • create a Zen garden at your local library

These are just some examples. We’d love for you to come up with your own unique ideas.

How should the project be documented?

Ideally we would like a video or some other form of visual presentation (e.g. photo slideshow) which takes us through the journey of your project. Show or tell us how you came up with the idea, what planning you did, how the project progressed and what was the overall impact for the recipients of your project and yourselves.

Can home-schooled children participate?

Yes, but the awarded funds must be donated to a non-profit in lieu of being donated to a school. Should a homeschooled child or group win they will be asked to nominate a non-profit for the award. Once Random Acts has verified the non-profit, we will donate the funds directly to the organization.

I have a question

If you have any questions about this award scheme, please email .