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Class Act

What is Class Act?

Welcome to Class Act, our award program which encourages schools to spread kindness around the world. Kindness comes in many forms, all of which have a positive impact on communities both locally and globally.

The award winner will be the group that is the most inventive in performing an awesome act or acts of kindness. They will receive $8,000 (or their country’s equivalent) for their school and have the opportunity to be featured on social media to serve as an inspiration to others.

The acts or projects can either be something planned and completed specifically for the Class Act award, or it can be something your classroom or school is already doing.

Please watch the video below for more information on the new Class Act Program!


Winners of Class Act are deemed to demonstrate one or all of the following: advocacy, community, compassion, environment, self-care or creativity. Runners-up also can win cash or other prizes. The program is open to all qualified students across the world.

Rachel Miner, Executive Director for Random Acts, says the involvement of students in community service is the embodiment of the type of kindness that will change the world. “These students are demonstrating a true heart for service and volunteerism,” said Miner. “Their kindness impacts the lives of those they interact with in the community where they live and create a ripple of kindness which spreads to others around them. It’s so beautiful.”

Overall Winner: Chinook Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska 
Runner-Up: MOT Charter High School in Middletown, Delaware

Congratulations to both!

2021 Winners – Colors of Kindness

See below for the schools that won in each of the ‘Color’ categories. 

Red - Advocacy - MOT Charter High School in Middletown, Delaware

Example: Start an anti-bullying campaign, Write about a cause in your school newspaper, Create signs promoting inclusivity

Orange - Community - Chinook Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska

Example: Make care packages for the homeless, Start a community fundraiser, Write cards for first responders

Yellow - Compassion - Olean Intermediate Middle School in Middletown, Delaware

Example: Start a kindness club, Undertake appreciation acts for your teachers, Hold a food/clothing drive

Green - Environment - School of Enquiry and Social Justice in The Bronx, New York

Example: Organize a litter pick, Start a recycling program, Start a bee & butterfly friendly school garden

Blue - Self-Care - Alan C Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia

Example: Start a meditation group, Make medical masks, Create anti-stress lists for classrooms

Purple - Creativity - St. Stephen Elementary School in New Brunswick, Canada

Example: Make art for a hospital, Act out a play for a local care home, Write about the importance of kindness in a blog

Previous Winners

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