At Random Acts, we are always on the hunt for like-minded folks and organizations, and we have been so fortunate to be able to work with some of the best. We believe, as our co-founder Misha Collins once said, “Be kind to yourself, so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world.” Sometimes being kind to yourself can look like finding and supporting brands that have a mission to change the world. That is why we are happy to announce a partnership with UpWest.

About UpWest

Focusing on comfort and kindness, UpWest is a clothing company with a purpose; to live the ethos of mind-body harmony, and giving back. To this end, they have committed to donating to three non-profit organizations with a percentage of each of their sales: Freedom Service Dogs of America, Mental Health America, and Random Acts. Each organization focuses on providing comfort, and they will be donating up to one million dollars to these non-profits. We applaud UpWest for choosing to collaborate with such great organizations, and we are excited to tell you what else UpWest is doing to help communities across the United States.

Comfort Cabins

Concept of Comfort Cabin. Photo courtesy of UpWest.

Starting in November, UpWest will be traveling to four cities with their Comfort Cabin, aiming to work with a local non-profit organization. In each of these cities, you will get a chance to walk through the cabin, which will provide you with a guided sensory experience designed to relieve stress. At the end of the experience, you will get a chance to put together a care package which will be different in each city and specified to the needs of the non-profit. Random Acts will be on site at each event as well (because we want to get in on the fun!) to help and to hear your stories of kindness in your own community. We will let you know the locations soon, but in the meantime, keep these dates in your calendar!

  • Columbus, OH: November 9-10
  • Chicago, IL: November 16-17
  • Nashville, TN: November 23-24
  • Austin, TX: December 7-8

Warm Thanks

Thank you to UpWest for choosing Random Acts as a partner as they launch their brand. We are so excited to see how they will impact lives! If you are interested in UpWest, keep an eye out on their website, set to launch soon!