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Dropping off bags of hygiene supplies to the school

The delivery

When people donate items to underprivileged kids, they often choose toys or other gifts that, while fun, are not always practical or usable. Where would a homeless child put a bike or a big toy? Kids need to have fun, but their health is also a top priority. The North Port Coalition of Homeless/Needy Children, also known as the Back Pack Angels, have a team of about 100 volunteers who provide hygiene supplies to the homeless and needy children in North Port, Florida. 

Feeling Confident

Spider-Man toothbrush, Paw Patrol body wash, toothpaste, and a brush

Hygiene supplies for a young boy

Regional Rep Emily Rivera-Jackson teamed up with Random Acts to help Back Pack Angels carry out its mission. She bought essential items like toothpaste, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and deodorant. These items allow children to feel confident and clean while attending school. 

Kids often bully their peers when they sense something “different” about someone. School can be brutal for underprivileged students who do not have hygiene supplies. Something many people can take for granted, like showers and clean teeth, can make all the difference to help kids feel less self-conscious.

The Delivery

Bags of hygiene supplies in the back of a car

Bags of hygiene supplies

Emily worked with Susan Ricard, Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator at Back Pack Angels, to get the items to children attending Cranberry Elementary. Marissa Pinto, the school’s liaison, worked with the duo to deliver the bags to the children. 

Emily said, “I feel it went very nice. The bags came out cute. The kids will love the bags full of goodies.” 

Helping in Your Community

If Emily’s story inspired you, the Random Acts Regional Reps would love to help you find similar organizations in your community. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness and compassion.