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Many families all over the country struggle with homelessness, and due to COVID19, even more individuals have had to face this difficulty head-on. Thankfully, there are various homeless shelters and programs that have taken up the charge of assisting these people and their families. Regional Representative Susan Mickelson decided to help one program near and dear to her heart continue its mission of helping others.

About Hesed House

Hesed House is the second-largest homeless shelter in the State of Illinois and the largest shelter outside of Chicago. Hesed House is able to serve over a thousand people annually through its shelter and three housing programs. Individuals and families can also receive support such as housing, life skills, legal issues, physical/emotional abuse, mental/physical health, and more through the program.

Susan admits that Hesed House has a special place in her heart. “It’s one of the very first places I volunteered, 25 years ago. I have stayed in touch with them because they have always done wonderful work. They not only house and feed the homeless but also have a variety of programs to get people trained for jobs and self-sufficiency.”

Fulfilling The Wish List

Shopping for Hesed House proved itself to be a big job, but one that Susan was more than willing to take on. Shopping to get the items on the list took five different trips because there are limits on several of the items that they wanted. Despite the multiple trips and amount of weight in her car, Susan was successfully able to grab all of the things the program needed.

Delivery at Hesed House was reasonably straightforward. Susan’s contact, Noelle, was very appreciative of the donation. Susan noticed that all staff members were busy preparing for clients and ensuring that everything was taken care of, which she admired greatly. 

Although Susan felt that her donation was simply a small drop in the bucket, she was proud that she could do her part to help such a worthy organization do even more good for needy people.

If you would like to learn more about Hesed House and how you can help further its mission, visit their website to find out more about the many programs they offer and the different ways to give to the organization. Liked this story? Be sure to check out our visit our website for even more stories like this one!