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When the holiday season started peeking around the corner, Copy Editor and Event Writer Ann-Kathrin Bomkamp already had a plan for her Holiday Act. To spread some holiday cheer and support a children’s hospice in Hamburg, Germany, Ann-Kathrin went on a quest for a special table and the right holiday sweets.

Planning the Holiday Act

Ann-Kathrin lives in Hamburg, Germany, and like probably most citizens of the city, she has heard of the “Sternenbrücke” children’s hospice (Engl. “Star bridge” children’s hospice). Ann-Kathrin had donated money to the hospice in the past, but thanks to Random Acts, she could do more this time. So she decided to support the children’s hospice with her Holiday Act.

Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice

The “Sternenbrücke” hospice opened its doors in May 2003 and is one of 17 children’s hospices in Germany. It is located in Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city. According to estimates, there are up to 50,000 children and young people living in Germany suffering from illnesses or disabilities that will shorten their lives to such an extent that they will die while still children or young people.” To support children, young adults, and their families during this difficult time, the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice provides a variety of services to help.

Ordering the Present and Looking for Santa

Because she was unsure what to get from the virtual wish list on the hospice’s website, Ann-Kathrin contacted the head of building management, Iris Neumann. Mrs. Neumann replied promptly with the wish for a lighting table. A lighting table is a specific kind of table that — as you might guess from the name — lights up and can be used for numerous creative endeavors.

After ordering the table from a company specialized in furniture for welfare institutions, Ann-Kathrin had to wait a few days for the table to arrive. But Ann-Kathrin used the time wisely to go on a quest for chocolate Santa Christmas sweets that were also part of the hospice’s wish list.

A Festive Delivery

Because Ann-Kathrin and Mrs. Neumann were outside and kept a lot of distance, Ann-Kathrin was able to take off her mask for the picture.

After the table arrived, Ann-Kathrin called the hospice for an appointment for the handover. Due to the ongoing pandemic and Germany entering another full lockdown, Ann-Kathrin was not allowed inside the hospice. The patients are extremely vulnerable, and the only visitors allowed are close relatives of the patients.

Ann-Kathrin met Mrs. Neumann outside their main entrance, which was joyfully decorated. Ann-Kathrin then put the chocolate in a festively decorated handcart that Mrs. Neumann would take back to the hospice. Mrs. Neumann was really happy with the donation. She added that chocolate is always a good idea to make the young patients happy.

Do you have an idea of how to support your community during the holiday season? Check out our Sponsored Acts page or contact your Regional Representative for more information.