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Exposing students to music education can offer them a creative outlet, aid in their educational development, and expand their horizons. Ted Cabanes, Regional Representative for Random Acts, wanted to help the students at Woodbine Middle School in North York, Ontario, Canada gain a unique musical experience. He expressed, “Learning a new instrument and having new music has always brought joy into my routine and I would like to share that with the students in this school and continue to inspire through the power of music.”

Two people hold a purple ukulele and an assortment of sheet musicExpanding Music Horizons

Ted was contacted by Woodbine’s music teacher, Jacqueline Koh. She sought to incorporate a ukulele class and voice program into the school’s curriculum. To further grow the program, Ted also suggested adding some new piano and vocal sheet music to the repertoire. With funding from Random Acts, he picked up a cheery purple ukulele and a variety of popular and classic sheet music for students to explore.

Many school programs have seen significant budget cuts recently due to COVID-19. It was a great surprise when the school board approved funding to purchase the rest of the instruments for the program! As a result of Ms. Koh’s and Ted’s combined efforts, Woodbine Middle School students will receive an expanded music curriculum this year. The school has even invited Randoms Acts to participate in a concert viewing, with appropriate safety precautions. Both Ms. Koh and Ted are excited to be helping students explore music and gain access to new and exciting instruments. “I really hope this brings inspiration to the kids who get to read and perform the music!” Ted said.

A purple ukulele and an assortent of sheet music displayed on a piano

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