Women in vulnerable circumstances, whether they are experiencing homelessness or food insecurity, need compassionate support. It can sometimes feel like small gestures are not enough in the face of such huge obstacles. However, the key to making a difference is when small actions from many people add up to something much larger. Erin Murphy, a Random Acts supporter, embraced the challenge and rallied her friends and neighbors to support the women of Rosie’s Place.

Boxes of supplies ready to be made into care packages

Rosie’s Place is an organization that provides a wide range of resources for women in need in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer services like emergency shelter, food pantry access, literacy and computer courses, and much more. Because they do not receive government funding, they rely on the generosity and kindness of donors like Erin.

Care Packages Filled with Love

Kids assembling the care packages

Erin had been coordinating donations on a smaller scale for a few years, using a wish list that she sent to her friends. But this time, she wanted to kick it up a notch and get her kids involved. In fact, she managed to get a care package assembly line organized with her neighbors and their children as well! A group of eleven kids and their parents put together bags filled with snacks, hand warmers, lotion, and other personal care items. Once the care packages were ready, the group delivered them to Rosie’s Place, where they were received with excitement and gratitude.

The entire experience solicited so many emotions for Erin. She described the process of filling the care packages as feeling “warm and cozy to put it all together with friends.” She goes on to say, “It just drives home how lucky we are, and I wish I could do more.”

Care packages filled up

You Can Do It, Too!

If you would like to take a page out of Erin’s book, check out the Rosie’s Place website for more information about different ways to give!

Did this act of kindness inspire you to do something in your own neighborhood? Head over to our Sponsored Acts page and see if your idea qualifies for funding! Are you struggling to put a plan together? Contact a Regional Representative in your area for help!

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