Conquering the world one random act of kindness at a time.

Sometimes helping those who need it most means we must be receptive to the unpleasant and often cruel realities they face.

Sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction are not uncommon for women who have experienced sexually-abusive or otherwise traumatic childhoods. These experiences can lead to further abuse, addiction, and poverty, as well as homelessness and incarceration. Without access to social, psychological, and economic resources, survivors may struggle to live a self-sufficient life.

Resident Programs Offer Community Support

Random Acts Regional Representative April Vian recognized this often-marginalized group of women and wanted to help. So she reached out to Peoria Home, a nonprofit with a community-based resident program that provides survivors of “the life” with a path to freedom and recovery. Peoria Home, located in Everett, Washington, provides support and resources for women in local communities and throughout the United States.

April spoke with the home’s director, Terri Inglis, to find out how she could best help. Terri shared a list of needed supplies that would help the residents. The list included feminine hygiene products and other toiletries for basic needs, as well as office supplies for administrative activities.

donations for survivors

April dropping off the donations

Basic Supplies Promote Recovery

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Peoria Home could not fundraise easily and received minimal donations. So when April dropped off supplies in August, the people of Peoria Home were grateful. In response to April’s kindness act, Terri sent an email of gratitude, calling the donations “priceless.”

April’s donation included 288 tampons, 30 rolls of toilet paper, coffee, laundry detergent, printer ink, a laminator, and paper supplies. In Terri’s thank you email, she stated that donations of basic supplies allows the residents to better focus on their recovery.

“It’s easy to feel cut off from others right now, so it was nice to interact and help,” April said. “I also enjoyed putting some kindness out in the world again.”

If you would like to support the residents of Peoria Home on their road to recovery, visit their website for various ways to give. Or if you are interested in helping similar organizations near you, reach out to your regional representative for ideas and assistance.