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The Time Travel Mart in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, is a unique store that aims to spark curiosity and creativity by offering goods from the past, present, and future. They are the storefront for 826LA, a non-profit organization “dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.” 826LA offers tutoring, hosts field trips, and maintains a space for students to explore their creativity. Additionally, they are the home of Barnacle and Barnacle Publishers, which specializes in publishing student-authored books. The proceeds from the Time Travel Mart store go towards keeping all 826LA’s programs free for students.

hand holding pen over a journal with writing in it

Photo provided by Unsplash

Books, Games, and Creativity Ahead!

When Events Coordinator Jaden Brodie learned that the Time Travel Mart was associated with 826LA, she wanted to help. “I want to support the program by providing educational games that encourage reading, writing prompt cards to spark imagination, drawing guides to help with illustrating stories, and children’s books that will inspire creativity and confidence.” Using their wish list as a guide, she purchased stacks of books and games. She then took them straight to the front counter of the Time Travel Mart. The front desk clerk was delighted with the donations Jaden loaded onto the counter. They expressed many thanks on behalf of the organization and the students.

Jaden reported feeling both happy and excited after completing the act. “Oh, if only I had this resource 20 years ago, but I can help kids have that now. That’s why I topped up their resources, including books and games that prompt thinking creatively and using their imagination.” 826LA recognizes that strong writing skills are a path to future success. With their programs, they strive to grow students’ ability to express themselves, in their own voice, creatively and confidently.

Feeling Inspired?

If you would like to know more about 826LA or make a donation, you can find their website here. If you would like to connect with Random Acts, Regional Representatives would love to help you find similar opportunities in your community. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness and compassion!