When we hear the word family, we often think of our siblings or the faraway uncle who sends us an annual birthday card. However, it is also in the paw prints dotted across our kitchen floors and the barks we have memorized by their pitch. Dogs are just as valuable of an addition to the household, something in which Random Acts supporter Taryn Stickney kept in mind.

A Ruff Time

Taryn teamed up with Loveabull Rescue Society, a volunteer dog shelter based in the Lower Mainland of British

Image courtesy of Taryn Stickney.

Columbia. While some dogs are lucky enough to be attached to a household, there are still various others who have had a ruff time finding their own. Many of these cases are due to the stigma attached to their breed with the media having constructed a villainized stereotype that juxtaposes their real-life counterpart. By shining a light on pit bulls, Loveabull Rescue Society can strip away the notion and provide owners with the chance of really digging them.

Furry Friends

Because the founder is a certified dog trainer and behavior specialist, the shelter is also a training and rehabilitation center. During the process of finding a new owner, the rescue dogs enter into their foster care program, where they will be trained one on one. With your continuous generosity during Endure for Kindness (E4K), both her and a Loveabull Rescue Society member were able to purchase supplies for these rescue and foster dogs. This worked perfectly, seeing as they have a large number of incoming puppies this year.

Image courtesy of Taryn Stickney.

Thinking of adopting one of these rescue dogs, or perhaps the fetching addition to your family is already one gifted by a shelter? In either case, Loveabull Rescue Society is making substantial strides to tackle the bully stereotype, and you can too by either adopting one of these beautiful dogs or volunteering. If you have a kindness idea of your own, we are always looking for the next way to make the world a tad lighter.