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Written by Paulina Abaunza of Nerds And Beyond:

Gaming For Kindness hosted by Penny Arcade

Have you ever wanted to watch your faves battle it out on Mario Kart or enter a far-out galaxy and duke it out as space narwhals? I know we have! This desire led us to dream up a new event: Penny Arcade is hosting Gaming For Kindness, a Twitch stream fundraiser to benefit Random Acts. It’s the first Twitch fundraiser Random Acts has ever been a part of, and you will be able to donate directly online during the stream.

Twitch may be new to a lot of folks, so we wanted to take a moment to explain a little bit about what it is. Twitch is a live streaming platform where users can watch video game competitions, tabletop game play, live music, or other live events. You just go to: on March 22nd from 7—9pm PDT.

It’s that simple. That evening, some of the guests will be playing live in the Penny Arcade studio, and other guests will be calling in to interact with the game players. They will be playing two games: Starwhal and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In addition to playing games, they will be sharing a bit about their upcoming projects, and there may even be a little bit of music.

Gaming For Kindness guests from the Supernatural galaxy will include: Lisa Berry, Rachel Miner, Michael Borja, Osric Chau, Adam Fergus, Alaina Huffman, Katherine Ramdeen, Robbie Thompson, Bobo Berens, and Davy Perez.

Watching is completely free, but we ask that you consider donating $10 or more if you are able to! Look for the donation option on the screen during the event — all proceeds will benefit Random Acts directly. We hope you can join us!