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There are many natural disasters that we can prepare for. Events like tornadoes, hurricanes, and flash floods can quickly wreak havoc across cities. But to an extent, we get some warning to do what we can to get ready for them. However, sometimes a disaster strikes that we cannot prepare for.

Car full of goods for displaced families!

Disaster Strikes in Merrimack Valley

Such was the situation that struck three cities in Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts this last September. In what has been determined was an overpressurization on a gas line that caused gas to flow at an accelerated rate, as many as 70 homes caught fire. Though emergency services were dispersed and the community came together to put out these fires, there was still extensive damage. Thousands of local residents had to be evacuated and were placed in temporary shelters in the days following.

During the emergency, Random Acts was approached by Carey Seekell to provide assistance to some of the shelters in the area. For many days after the disaster, a local real estate agent called the major shelters and posted the greatest needs of the survivors for people to donate. Using Random Acts funding, Carey was able to buy many essentials for the displaced families including toiletries, clothing, towels, and food. “I stuffed my car, and was able to deliver a ton of supplies!” Carey said.

How can I help?

But the fight isn’t over yet. Columbia Gas is still attempting to restore power and gas to many homes within the Merrimack Valley area. They are hoping have replaced all affected service lines by November 19. In the meantime, if you want to help, there are some organizations that are assisting families in rebuilding their homes.

Our hearts are with those affected by this disaster, and we hope they will  be able to return to their homes soon.