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For the past year, Random Acts has been tackling the issue of childhood hunger through the #RANoHungryChild movement. This past December, the fight continued in Florida at the Betty Griffin Center. Sharing a personal connection to their cause, Random Acts HR Recruiter Stephanie McCabe leaped at the opportunity to help the center.

The Betty Griffin Center

The Betty Griffin Center, founded in 1990, provides shelter and transitional housing for more than 550 victims of domestic and sexual abuse and their minor children. They offer services such as a 24-hour helpline, court advocacy, counseling, and critical transition support for those affected.  They also provide community education and age-appropriate violence prevention training to raise awareness about current issues and to break abuse cycles.

A car trunk full of food and supplies

A great shopping trip with great helpers!

Helping Hands and Kid-Friendly Snacks

Stephanie reached out to the center and got a list of their specific needs. This included a variety of perishable groceries and things the children at the shelter could enjoy over their winter break. Enlisting the help of her two kids, Stephanie filled three carts full of food and still came in under budget. They made a second stop at a different store to pick up a few of the more hard-to-find items. Along the way, her kids offered important insight into what the children at the shelter might enjoy.

Due to the shelter’s need to keep their location private, Stephanie and her kids could not meet the recipients of their act directly, but they know the shelter was grateful for their donation. Her kids took particular joy in being able to provide things they know the children at the center would appreciate.

If you are feeling inspired, the Random Acts Regional Representatives would love to help you find similar organizations in your community. If you would like to support The Betty Griffin Center, please consider making a donation. As always, thank you for supporting our mission to spread kindness and compassion!