Sometimes in childhood, we experience acts of kindness that stick with us forever. For Random Acts’ staffer Coffie Richard, one such memory was visiting a local orphanage. There, he witnessed the kindness of one strong and compassionate woman changing the lives of countless children. In his first act as a Regional Representative, Coffie wanted to pay tribute to that memory by bringing supplies to the Bless the Children International Home which was near that orphanage he visited in his childhood. In the Kwahu East district of Ghana, in the town of Nkwatia, this orphanage provides assistance to 40 children, ranging in age from 218, serving two districts in the region.

The Journey

As the Bless the Children International Home (also called the Nkwatia Orphanage Home) is a non-governmental organization, they rely on donations rather than government aid to keep them Children standing with donationsrunning. After coordinating with the director, Coffie set out on a four-hour long trip to bring supplies to the orphanage, which works to educate and support children to be future leaders in the community. First-aid kits, toilet paper, and food were necessities most needed, therefore those are what Coffie chose to provide.

Though he was nervous going into his journey, he greatly enjoyed his visit. Coffie met with the director, Rev. Yeboah, and learned about the orphanage and its history of helping local youth. He also met many of the children and received a prayer of thanks for this random act of kindness.

Moving Forward

If you would like to learn more about the Bless the Children International Home, you can visit their website here. If this act of kindness has inspired you to get involved in your local community, let Random Acts help. Please visit our Sponsored Acts page to see how we can bring random acts of kindness to your area!