Changing the world one random act of kindness at a time.


Random Acts is appalled and outraged by the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent police violence against protesters, and we feel it is our duty to speak out.

George Floyd’s life was crushed out of him by an officer who was tasked with his protection. Other officers did nothing to save him, ignoring his pleas and those of bystanders as he drew his last breath. We are disgusted by their inhumane behavior, yet unsurprised: George Floyd’s murder is only the latest of so many people of color who have been marginalized, brutalized, and slain by police in a culture steeped in centuries of systemic racism and violence. We know some of their names: Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Eric Garner. Emmett Till. Martin Luther King, Jr.. The list goes on and on, along with countless other victims whose names we’ll never know. For centuries, the majority of society has stood by silently, as complicit as the officers that watched as George was murdered. This cannot continue. We can’t repair the past, but we can change the future.

Random Acts is, and always has been, committed to conquering the world through kindness. Kindness begins with the respect and celebration of each human being, and with equal protection, support, and opportunities for all. But that is only the beginning.

As we began developing this statement of support for racial equality, we at Random Acts quickly realized that we did not want to simply offer our supporters a confirmation of our position that, “we believe racism is bad and Black lives matter.” Those are both true, of course! But actions speak louder than words. We want to go beyond hollow, performative declarations or simple reassurance that we support what should be the baseline of human decency. In recent days, we have been evaluating how to use this moment mindfully, in a way where we and our supporters can truly make a difference together. We believe this is an opportunity to not only reaffirm our commitment to equality, but to empower our global community to cultivate a culture that is kind, just, and equal.

Kindness is not meek. Kindness has a spine. It takes courage to make change, especially when that change is packaged in steeped traditions and raw emotions. Being kind also means doing (and encouraging) the uncomfortable work of looking inward. We must identify opportunities to grow, and take meaningful action to make sure we are “walking the walk,” not just “talking the talk.” Being kind means taking a stand and being willing to wade into controversy. Kindness always has a ripple effect — and sometimes, it makes waves.

With that in mind, we are reflecting on our organization and evaluating ways we can be better leaders in the fight for racial equality. We are reinforcing our commitment to diversify our organization; this effort has been under way for some time, but we realize that more needs to be done and we are making it a priority focus. We are also researching how our organization can best be deployed to effect lasting change in the field of racial equity.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing new resources with you to help us all be active in the fight for equality. We will do our best to amplify voices that champion this fight.

Human rights activist Ginetta Sagan said, “Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.” In the face of injustice, Random Acts will not be complicit. We are committed to taking action and fighting to make the world a kinder place where equality can flourish. Join us in learning, taking responsibility, and acting as agents of change. With courage, conviction, and kindness, together we can fight to build a kinder world, one random act of kindness at a time.

Let’s make some waves together.