Update 11-30-19: We would not be the organization we are today without the continued support of Random Acts supporters like Jason Manns, Ron Benedict, Billy Moran, and the whole benefit concert team. We are so fortunate to be the beneficiary of so many of their kind acts. (In Jason’s case, we even wrote a blog about his support of Random Acts!) As we go into the Thanksgiving season, we want to take a moment to be thankful for a little help from our friends. Their kind acts have made it possible for us to perform kind acts — what a great full-circle feeling!

On September 30, Random Acts staff and supporters rocked out at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall while raising money to fund acts of kindness. The benefit concert, organized by Dogwood Events and our friend Jason Manns, featured several familiar faces from the Random Acts community and Supernatural fandom. We had a blast!  Here is a recap of our kindness fun at Rockwood Music Hall. 

Double Entertainment

First up: the VIP event. Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, and Jason Manns were generous enough to perform not one, but two concerts to support Random Acts! During this special pre-show, they performed original songs recorded by their band (The Station Breaks), a new song, and a few covers of fan favorites. Ruth Connell also joined in during the VIP concert to perform a special, slowed down version of “Bang Bang.”

Poetry, Music, and Friends 

The evening continued to be full of fun, friendship, and even a few surprises during the main concert. Photographer Chris Schmelke and Random Acts Executive Director Rachel Miner started the event by welcoming everyone and thanking them for all of the kindness that they put into the world. Random Acts co-founder Misha Collins took time to greet the crowd and read an original poem before heading to the airport for his flight home from the New Jersey Supernatural convention.

The music portion of the night began as Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, and Jason Manns took the stage, this time accompanied by many of our musically talented friends. Ruth Connell returned to the stage to perform a duet with Rob Benedict. Since Aaron Beaumont was unable to attend the show, Dr. Nicholas Zork filled in with performances of original songs, including one co-written by Beaumont. 

Random Acts Board Member Genevieve Padalecki and her husband Jared then surprised everyone by stopping in to share their support and love for Random Acts. Afterwards, they introduced Justin Guarini to the stage. Justin wowed the audience not only with his singing, but also with some truly stellar dancing that he is practicing for an upcoming Britney Spears inspired musical. Rob Benedict and Billy Moran returned to perform a few songs, including Louden Swain originals and the much loved “Fare Thee Well.” The concert wrapped up with everyone coming back on stage for a group rendition of “Come Together,” ending the night on a perfect note. 

Funding Kindness

Random Acts Staff at Rockwood Music Hall Benefit Concert

Proceeds from both the VIP event and the main concert were donated to Random Acts so that we can continue to help our supporters carry out acts of kindness around the world. But the fundraising did not end there. In between performances, guests took time to share facts about Random Acts with the audience, reminding them of how their donations are making the world a better place. Meanwhile, Random Acts Act Proposal Officer Shawna Abston, US North West Regional Representative April Vian, and E4K Events Program Coordinator E. Rose DeMarco were busy at the Random Acts table. They were on hand before, during, and after the event to answer questions about Random Acts, collect donations, offer some pretty neat swag as a thank you and run a raffle drawing with awesome prizes. 

The benefit concert was a truly magical experience for everyone who attended. The kindness and generosity highlighted during the event will continue to create magic across the globe as the funds raised help our supporters carry out acts of kindness in their communities. 

We want to thank Dogwood Events, all of the guests who generously donated their time and talent, and everyone else who supported the event by attending, purchasing raffle tickets and donating at the Random Acts table. Because of you, we can continue our mission to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time.