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With the colder season comes the need for warmer clothing. But sometimes parents cannot afford warm weather gear for their children. This results in children going to school with clothing not made for cold temperatures. To support these kids, Random Acts Regional Representative Assistant Manager Kel Anders donated hats, wool socks, and gloves to a middle school in Michigan.

Cold Weather = Warmer Clothes

The idea for Kel’s Act of Kindness was born when the weather started to get colder. Searching for her kids’ warm winter clothing was on the agenda. This made her think of the families who could not afford warm weather gear for their kids. The local middle school had over 600 students, and she wondered if a donation would be needed there. She also thought of a gift for the staff to show their gratitude.

Kel ar Scarlett Middle School

From an Idea to a Plan

First, Kel contacted Gerald Vasquez, the principal of Scarlett Middle School. She told him about Random Acts and asked what needs the school might have. During the discussion, she mentioned her own struggle to find all the needed cold-weather gear for her kids. Mr. Vasquez jumped on the idea and shared that every year they have students in need who come to the school counselors. He anticipated that this year would be even more dire given the impact of the ongoing pandemic. .
After her chat with the principal, Kel went on a digital quest to find the warmest socks, hats, and gloves she could. She was excited to even find gloves with touch screen fingertips that came in many different colors.

Kel also wanted to thank the school staff for their dedication and for helping the schools stay open and safe. In the end, Kel ordered 60 pairs of gloves, 50 hats, 45 pairs of wool blend socks, and coffee treats for all the staff, which Mr. Vasquez had told her were their favorites.

The Day of the DeliveryTwo woman stand in a principal's office around a cardboard box that is filled with hats, socks, and gloves.

Once all of Kel’s orders had arrived, she made her way to Scarlett Middle School to deliver the donation. Kel brought their donation to the principal’s office. When they arrived, the principal and members of the school staff awaited her. Everybody was excited to see what she had brought in. One of the counselors told Kel that her donation would have a big impact on some of the students’ lives.

“It was very moving to hear them talk about the needs in the school,” said Kel.

Kel’s donation helped the staff feel seen, supported, and appreciated. This donation enables them to help make their students’ lives a little easier. Knowing this filled Kel with happiness because she knew her donation would help those in need.

Sometimes, it is the little things in life, like gloves, hats, and socks, that have a big impact on another person’s life. Do you know someone in your community who could need some support? Head over to our Acts of Kindness page or contact your Regional Representative for more information.