The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many parts of our daily lives. Because many schools are closed, students who relied on their school for meals are now struggling to fill the gaps. Random Acts Regional Representative Stacie Baldwin from the US – Central region saw the need for students in her community, and got to work!

Supporting Students

As an active and engaged member of the Sparta, Missouri community, Stacie was already familiar with the Care to Learn program. Care to Learn addresses health, hunger, and hygiene needs for students when school is not in session. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need is more urgent than ever. “Often, students in the district live far from resources such as grocery stores. Right now, they are unable to afford and find items locally. This sudden change of schedule has caused more students to need food, hygiene, and cleaning supplies,” Stacie said.

Shopping for food to donate was a nerve-racking experience for Stacie. “The lack of food on the shelves was terrifying,” Stacie explained. Despite the empty shelves, she was able to purchase canned vegetables, pasta, cereal, hand soap, and several other items. Stacie reflected on the experience, after feeling helpless while shopping: “When I got home and looked at what I was able to find, I felt a little better. It wasn’t going to last long but it was more than what they had before. I was resolved to be adaptable, accept the new reality, and do my best to help wherever I could.”

COVID-19 Kindness

Now more than ever, people everywhere are in need of kindness. If you were inspired by Stacie’s act of kindness, check out the ideas for COVID-19 virtual kindness on our blog. If you are feeling strained, take a look at our toolkits and other resources. Please take care of yourselves and each other, and stay safe!