Bamfield Community Shool students

Bamfield Community School students enjoying a birding workshop.

Meet Bamfield Community School

Bamfield Community School, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, is a nonprofit dedicated to bettering the lives of the small population that calls Bamfield home. Around 200 people, many of whom are part of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation of Nuu-chah-nulth, live in Bamfield during the winter and the community sees a small population boost in the summer. Bamfield Community School aims “to create, coordinate, and improve access to learning and recreational opportunities for children, adults, and families in Bamfield and Anacle.” As part of their focus on personal development, the school provides literacy programming and educational opportunities to everyone in the community, not just small children.

Printing Possibilities

One of the main ways Bamfield Community School serves the community is by providing printing access to everyone. The printer is primarily used by adults who are less familiar with computers and would rather print documents, articles, and emails than read them off of a computer screen. Printing is also helpful because it gives residents access to hard copies of resumes and other important documents. Having hard copies of these documents means that the Bamfield community can access the information in them without being connected to the Internet.

There is no question that the Bamfield Community School’s printer plays an important role in empowering Bamfield and Anacle residents. However, the school’s current printer was becoming rundown. It would often have errors or completely break down. The printer also did not have the capability to automatically print documents double sided; someone would need to manually flip the paper and feed it back into the printer. All of these factors meant that printing even the simplest document could become a lengthy, labor-intensive affair.

New and Improved

Bamfield Community School's library

Bamfield Community School’s library.

When Random Acts Regional Representative Rowan Meredith brought this to our attention, we knew that helping the Bamfield Community School was right up our alley. Rowan wanted to give the school a printer that would serve the community without frequent errors. With a little funding help from Random Acts, she was able to purchase a new and improved printer for the Bamfield Community School. The new printer can connect to Wifi for wireless printing and can automatically print double sided documents– no human assistance needed.

We hope that the Bamfield Community School enjoys their new printer. We’re so proud of all of the great work that they do!

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