Thank you to everyone who celebrated our 10th anniversary with us in November. We loved seeing everyone in their 10-year merchandise and sharing Random Acts with their friends and families. Throughout the years, many donors have supported us, and we were able to perform various acts around the world because of your kindness. 

An infographic showing how your donations are spent at Random Acts in 2019. This event raised more than $96,000 for our general fund from more than 4,500 donors during our 10th anniversary campaign. This amount could not have been possible without the fundraising from GISH’s Halloween Hunt, the Jack Kline Project, and individual fundraisers set up by Random Acts’ Rea Niessen and Dreana Ferguson. All of this money was put toward our general fund, which is what we use to sponsor local acts. These acts can be big or small, and anyone can request funding for an act. Since 2012, we have sponsored more than 328 local acts of kindness across 15 countries. These acts influenced many more that did not require sponsoring, and we love that you continue to share your kindness with others. Kindness inspires kindness, and every individual can be a catalyst to change lives for the better. Thank you for letting us be a part of that. 

As part of our thanks for a decade of spreading kindness, we created six videos centered on 10 years of Random Acts and thank yous to those who have helped us along the way. Also, as part of the celebration, we created two limited-edition designs for our anniversary merchandise, and you all wore it with such pride. Over the last 10 years, we have had staff in 124 countries, and we hope to expand into other countries in the future. 

A compilation of photographs of 16 staff and supporters wearing the 10th anniversary merchandise including Misha Collins and Rachel Miner in the center 2 photographs. We are continually amazed by you, and we are grateful for everything you have enabled us to do in our local communities and globally. Thank you for spending the last 10 years with us. We hope you will stick around for another decade or more. As always, thank you for your support, and we love you.